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Upcycling, its easier than you think!

Upcycling, it’s easier than you think! While our colleagues have been out and about, we have come across some great upcycling ideas, which got us thinking…how easy is upcycling? Well, after a bit of research, it is actually a lot easier than you think. Here are some of our favourite ideas: Tin cans can be […]

How is the UK powered?

We have all heard about renewable energy, green energy and how low environmental impact energy can help power our businesses, we have even seen fields of solar panels and wind turbines but what exactly is that doing for us? How much power are these initiatives actually giving us? For those of us that have Renewable […]

Free Battery Recycling

Yes that’s right, FREE BATTERY RECYCLING July 2019 saw us launch our free battery recycling service. Our Office in Colwick now accepts all your used office batteries for safe disposal, and it’s free of charge! All you need to do is call us on 0115 8965460 or email us on sales@flameuk.co.uk, you can even visit […]

R & D and how you can can benefit

There’s money hiding in the work that you do. You would be surprised at what qualifies for R&D tax relief. It’s not just for people in white lab coats. R&D tax relief is the government’s way of rewarding companies that are developing new or improving existing products, processes, services, devices and materials or advancing the […]

How big is your bin?

Want to know the exact dimensions of Wheelie Bins, Skips and Front End Loaders? You could just stand next to it and see or you could check out our handy guides. You can even download these useful guides from our resources page.    

Why CCL (Climate Change Levy) is Increasing

Why Is CCL (Climate Change Levy) increasing? Depending on your supplier you may or may not have been advised yet about the increases in CCL that comes into effect on 1st April 2019. Climate Change Levy (CCL) was originally set up as a form of taxation to encourage the more efficient use of energy and […]

Our Guide to Wheelie Bin sizes

What’s the right bin size for my business? Selecting the right bin for your specific requirements has just got a whole lot easier. Here at Flame UK we are asked regularly ‘What size bin do I need?’ or ‘How many bags can I get in my wheelie bin?’ well look no further, we have created […]

Choosing the Right Energy Contract

What type of energy contract should I have? Energy is a necessity, and everyone must have it to operate their business.  It can be a big chunk of a business’s spend normally ranking within the top 3 expenses and needs to be reviewed effectively to ensure the business is not only on a competitive rate […]

Christmas Recycler of the Year winner announced.

Flame UK and Grantham based Sports Charity, inspire+  announced the winner of their Christmas Card Recycling competition on Friday. Back in December, the two companies came up with an idea to encourage local schools to recycle their Christmas cards. Over 40 schools got involved and the school that collected the heaviest weight of cards would […]