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Why CCL (Climate Change Levy) is Increasing

Why Is CCL (Climate Change Levy) increasing? Depending on your supplier you may or may not have been advised yet about the increases in CCL that comes into effect on 1st April 2019. Climate Change Levy (CCL) was originally set up as a form of taxation to encourage the more efficient use of energy and […]

Our Guide to Wheelie Bin sizes

What’s the right bin size for my business? Selecting the right bin for your specific requirements has just got a whole lot easier. Here at Flame UK we are asked regularly ‘What size bin do I need?’ or ‘How many bags can I get in my wheelie bin?’ well look no further, we have created […]

Choosing the Right Energy Contract

What type of energy contract should I have? Energy is a necessity, and everyone must have it to operate their business.  It can be a big chunk of a business’s spend normally ranking within the top 3 expenses and needs to be reviewed effectively to ensure the business is not only on a competitive rate […]

Ever Thought about Baling your Recycling?

If you have ever thought about Baling your recyclable waste but never took the ‘plunge’ then now could be the time to make that change. With general waste costs rising constantly, landfill tax increasing year on year and impending ‘green taxes’ looming the rise in the value of recyclable materials could just be the nudge you needed. […]

Plastic Tax is coming, our Summary of the Consultation Document

Taxing those who create plastic waste is a hot topic, the UK Government has set its sights on business to set the standard and those who fall short will pay the price. The Plastic Tax consultation documents that the UK government have published directly targets the companies who make use of difficult to recycle plastics. […]

Event Management By The Professionals

When your planning your event the waste management and litter picking is an important factor. Sure, it’s not as important as the style of the bride’s dress or the way the lead singer performs but this doesn’t stop us putting on our best show! From a Music Festival a Concert or a Celebration like a […]

Landfill Tax, how much is it? What you need to know

After its introduction back in October 2016, the rate of landfill tax has steadily increased. The introduction of the tax back in 2016 was made by the then secretary of state Mr. John Gummer, the tax started at a standard rate of £7 per tonne and was tabled to encourage a new wave of behavior […]

Catalytic Converter thefts on the rise. A must read for every driver:

The Downside of rising metal prices. BBC News has been investigating the rise in thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles It seems the increasing value of the precious metal palladium is making them more attractive to thieves. Apart from the inconvenience, it can be quite costly to repair your vehicle after such a theft. Check […]