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Empty Gas Cylinders: What to do with them?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Industrial Gas cylinders are the property of the company named on the cylinder. If you receive gas cylinders to your site then they can be returned. You can contact us to arrange for UKLPG and BCGA members’ reusable cylinders to be collected. What do you need to do? The cylinders need […]

Zero Waste Valentines Day Ideas

A lot of people have different opinions about Valentines Day. If you’re someone who likes to show your partner a bit more appreciation than you do any other day of the year, have you considered the effects of the waste produced? From food waste to packaging waste, it all piles up in the build-up to […]

Food Waste: What happens when it’s collected?

The topic of food waste has started to pop up more and more as we are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact we have on the environment. Food waste can come from a variety of different outlets. From pubs, restaurants, cafes or food manufacturing sites, where ever it’s generated, we all have a part to […]

Waste disposal costs are rising – here’s why

The waste industry in the UK is having a difficult time, global markets have driven recycling revenues down, tax increases and levies threaten disposal routes, and the uncertainty of the market post-Brexit has all added to an already struggling market. It has been well publicised how the world’s doors have closed to UK exported waste […]

Brexit – How will it affect our waste charges?

The UK produces around 400 million tons of waste from domestic and commercial facilities every year. For every ton of household rubbish, commercial, industrial and construction businesses produce a further six. Currently, a large proportion of our non-recyclable waste is exported to EU countries. With the UK being set to leave the EU on 31st […]

Waste Management – Solutions for every size event

The team at Flame UK has been in the event waste management industry for over 15 years, providing assistance with event planning, logistics and waste management for every size event. Here’s how we do it: Litter picking/clean up services Our litter pickers are dedicated, hard workers who are all employed by the company. Whether it be in a field […]

Flame UKs highlights of 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over already! As we come up to the last few weeks of the year, we want to share with you some highlights of 2019 for Flame UK. Meet our people Flame UK has had a brilliant 2019; it’s been a year of growth both internally and externally. […]

Meet the team – Jamie-Leigh

Name: Jamie-Leigh James Position: Marketing Assistant Start Date: 1st July 2019 Why did you choose this background for your photo? I really love music from rap to pop to heavy metal, there isn’t much I don’t like. The first concert I went to was Green Day when I was about 5 years old and a […]

Meet the team – Lauren

Name: Lauren Nash Position: Account Manager Start Date: 1st October 2019 Why did you choose this background for your photo? It was the first time I’d painted my daughters’ feet at 4 months old and because she means a lot to me, so does the picture. What do you enjoy the most about working at […]

Meet the Team – Natalia

Name: Natalia Pegram Position: Head of Finance Start Date: December 2017 Why did you choose this background for your photo? Its a photo I took in the Maldives – One of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve travelled to. What do you enjoy the most about working at Flame UK? I love implementing systems to […]