Cancer Research UK

Flame UK Team Raising Money for Charity £950

What did we do during lockdown? Well, we obviously spent most of our time working hard to ensure all our customers waste management was moving smoothly, innovating and driving more recycling than ever before, but as well as being waste superheroes four of our waste team got up in the dark, the rain and even the snow to practice ready for a big day.

We RAN!!! we really did, the four covered miles and miles each day for weeks ahead of completing a challenge to raise much-needed funds for the UK’s Cancer Research charity.

The challenge was for each to run 10k in one go on one day. All sounds very doable, but to a team of non-runners they found out quite quickly that wasn’t going to be easy. But they all stuck with it and ran daily to get enough practice in to complete the task.

Raising almost £1000 for this excellent charity made it all very worthwhile, and made all the more important with how personal the cause really is.

Who knows what will come of the newfound running skills the team has gained, we can certainly see the physical benefits the exercise has had on one or two of the team. Great work.

We really do love working in a healthy environment where we have supported each other to challenge themselves, we would certainly encourage as many people as possible to give it a go, Cancer Research UK has a number of events all year, have a go, see and feel the benefits and hopefully raise some money for a great cause.

Thank you to George Gash, Henry Gash, Ross Pegram, and the whole team for supporting us so well.