Landfill Tax, how much is it? What you need to know

After its introduction back in October 2016, the rate of landfill tax has steadily increased.

The introduction of the tax back in 2016 was made by the then secretary of state Mr. John Gummer, the tax started at a standard rate of £7 per tonne and was tabled to encourage a new wave of behavior for businesses.

Looking into the future the government set a floor limit, this was agreed whereby the rate would not fall by below £80 per tonne into 2020.

On the 1st April each year the rates of tax increase, this year is no different, a new record was set when the rate went above £90.

In 2018 the government published the next 2 years landfill tax rates. The tax per tonne will rise on 1st April 2019 to £91.35 and on 1st April 2020, the standard rates will be £94.15.

The tax does not affect businesses recycled waste just the general waste that is sent for disposal via landfill.

What will happen to the tax rates past 2020 at this stage we do not know, with green issues dominating the headlines it’s safe to say that rates will continue to rise, some commentators ever speculating the rise will be ‘significant’.

There are things we can all do to reduce the impact of the landfill tax, recycling more of our businesses waste being the obvious one, but what about creating less waste? Easier said than done we know but over the coming months we will be publishing more stories and case studies of those businesses who did exactly that, reducing waste and improving their profitability.

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