Plastic Tax is coming, our Summary of the Consultation Document

Taxing those who create plastic waste is a hot topic, the UK Government has set its sights on business to set the standard and those who fall short will pay the price.

The Plastic Tax consultation documents that the UK government have published directly targets the companies who make use of difficult to recycle plastics. Making use of plastics with a less than 30% recycled content will attract a new tax, the Plastic Tax.

It is deemed that those who make use of plastics from recyclable materials will be either exempt or pay a lower tax.

Users of plastic packaging have for a long time now sought out recycled content packaging but not everything we handle is actually made from recycled materials, many everyday food packaging plastics are indeed from virgin materials, unrecycled content and how recyclable are they when we throw them away were not quite sure. Every household across the UK is throwing that material away leaving it in the hands of the local councils to recycle as much as possible.

Brand owners will now have to contribute to the costly collection and recycling of our household waste in this new hotly debated Plastic Tax.

One very clear sentiment from the consultation is to ensure your businesses packaging contains at the very least 30% of recycled material.

We still have some time until the Plastic Tax will affect us as the plan is to introduce the Plastic Tax in April 2022, until then we will keep our blogs updated with news and articles to help, please call us or email us for more information or a copy of our detailed summary of The Plastic Tax Consultation Papers.

If you would like more help and support to recycle more of your businesses waste then we can help, our recycling team has decades of experience across multiple industries, and waste types, we have UK disposal and recycling markets that are industry leading so speak with us today. On the phone, by email or read over our waste management web pages for more information.