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About Out Energy & Water Management Services

We have complete confidence in our total energy management services and our promise to you is quite simple – we fix energy problems and issues so that your business can continue to flourish in the way that you need it to.

We can provide energy metering solutions to ensure that your business remains efficient and work with both gas and electricity.

We know that many business owners these days are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, which is why we also work with renewable and green energy and are able to provide energy monitoring – because how can you expect to manage what you haven’t worked to monitor?

With gas and electricity procurement, businesses are always keen to find the best deal for them and with cost comparisons from all leading suppliers; we can help you get there.

A one size fits all approach isn’t what we provide, which is why bespoke energy procurement is something else that we offer, with a solution that is entirely tailored to your business’s needs. When it comes to your energy and water management, why choose anyone else? Operating as a single point of contact and providing full UK coverage, rely on us for total energy solutions.

Why Choose Our Energy & Water Management Services

Looking for a good reason to choose our service?

We can think of a few excellent ones.

Firstly, we are industry experts, which means that we are always looking for ways to provide the most innovative solutions for our clients. We’re also energy professionals, meaning that we go above and beyond to keep up with progressions in our field and look for ways that we can provide a better service to you.

Bespoke solutions may mean an approach that is always tailored to your needs, but cost-effective means you’ll never pay above the odds for it. When it comes to water and energy management, we promise a thorough service from the ground up.

What our customers say about us.

“It’s been a pleasure dealing with Flame UK. Very professional and honest in everything they do. Would recommend to all.”

Flame UK will compare the entire energy market to ensure you get the best possible prices.

Energy & Water Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I buy green energy?

    Flame UK can provide you with green energy contracts along with cost a cost comparison against all green energy providers in the market

  • Will it cost more to purchase green energy?

    It can range from a cost neutral price to a marginal additional cost.

  • How can I monitor my electricity, gas or water bills?

    We can arrange for a smart meter to be fitted to monitor consumption.

  • How do I become an energy reseller?

    We operate energy partnership schemes along with full training packages to sell energy.

  • Can I save money on my energy bills?

    Yes, you can sign into a new contract with a different energy supplier and save money.

  • How do I switch suppliers?

    Once a new energy contract has been signed, we’ll handle all the necessary details to switch your supply.

  • How do I terminate my energy contract?

    You can write to the energy supplier within the termination window to provide your notice or we can simply do this on your behalf witha a letter of authority.