Complete hazardous waste analysis, collection and disposal services from Flame UK

If your looking for a hazardous waste service without limitations then you have found it.

We offer the most extinctive hazardous waste services across the whole of the UK. Hazardous waste can include many everyday items that each and every office will produce from time to time, to those industrial applications who’s business relies on the use of chemicals, paints, solvents, acids and many other more complex waste materials. Our team of chemists, ADR compliant drivers through to the right recycling and disposal routes ensure that you have the right service at the right time and at the best possible cost.

What our customers say about us.

“Flame UK simplified Hazardous Waste for us. Their assessment of our waste and the way they sourced alternatives for us reduced our costs by as much as 60%, we found new ways to handle our waste from production to disposal. After years of ‘this is how we have always done it’ Flame UK gave us a different approach that no one had ever discussed with us.”

– PF – Environmental Manager for Large UK manufacturer
Approaching complex waste in a new way to deliver hard hitting savings.

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