About Our Hazardous Lab Waste Service

Those who operate labs are familiar with the problems that disposing of lab ‘smalls’ can create – the problem of creating quantities of mixed waste in small quantities is a common one – luckily we have specialists in this area that operate specialist vehicles.

We can dispose of a range of chemicals including samples mixed chemicals and petri dishes, tubes tubs etc.

When you choose us, no collection is too small and regardless of its size we can still service you.

We pride ourselves on serving the food waste and sampling sector too. We can analyse waste and have qualified chemists on hand to carry out any assessments prior to collection, ensuring a smooth operation every time.

We provide a national service, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Why Choose Our Service

Our professional team are on hand to help you with all of the challenges that lab waste that is of a hazardous nature can create.

A range of chemicals can be collected and disposed of safely in a way that will not disturb your own workforce.

The engineers that we employ have vast experience in collecting lab waste, have dealt with lots of different kinds and no matter what the size of your business is, they will help you find a solution that works for you.

Get in contact with us today and enquire about our accredited disposal services.

Service FAQ’s

  • Our lab is very small – can you help us?


  • What kind of vehicles will you engineers be using?


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