About Our Environmental Compliance

As you are likely aware, being compliant is crucial to running a business – with fines increasing and regulations tightening you need to ensure your business disposes of its waste with a compliant business and in a compliant way.

We offer total compliance for all the waste streams we take away.

We are fully licensed to collect and dispose of waste and we are also fully licensed to recycle waste – meaning complete peace of mind for you throughout the duration of the process.

Our service is digital so waste compliance is assured and maintained for future access, you might not need compliance evidence now but our portal gives you access to important transfer notes, signatures and even images of the waste collected after the event.

We provide transfer notes and tickets for every collection and our licenses and records are available 24/7, meaning you are able to access them whenever you need to.

Why Choose Our Service

We offer a fully compliant and secure waste collection and disposal service – perhaps the most important reason why we come so highly recommended amongst current and previous customers.

When we collect and dispose of waste, we can also recycle it, another great reason to choose our service – wouldn’t you like to improve your business’s carbon footprint?

Because we work in such an innovative way, we don’t just comply but excel and our system is market leading.

We also provide transfer notes so that you can remain in the know during the process and the level of detail on each transfer note is of the highest standard.

Contact an account manager to find out more about our accredited and licensed disposal services today.

Service FAQ’s

  • It’s late at night and I want to check something on your records – am I able to?

    Yes you can, we have a client portal that will give you as much information as you need.

  • Do you and your team always carry your licenses with you?

    We carry copies of our identification and all our licenses and insurances can be found 24/7 on our website, we are also registered with the Environment Agency our waste registrations can be found on their public registers.