Pallet Collection

About Our Pallet Collection Service

Flame UK offer a comprehensive pallet collection service. Changing many customers focus on pallets, or pallet waste from a wood recycling service to a resource. We Focus on your needs, your usage and your type (s) of pallets. All pallets collected are sorted and graded to ensure you get the best possible commercial package available. Broken pallets can be included in the load collected, helping to reduce your cost further. Vehicle capacity is organised to suit your needs, volumes generated and your access capabilities. Collecting pallets from your site can bring revenue into the business and reduce fire risk on your site.

But, what do we do with the pallets we collect? All pallets collected are quality inspected, if needed are repaired before going back out into the market again. Alongside our collection service we can also supply you with usable recycled pallets. Many sizes and load capacity are available. Part of our aim is to reduce vendors and help our customer become more efficient, completing your circular supply to you.

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