Providing Energy and Waste management services to your clients and contacts

Hundreds (and rising) of customers
and partners can’t be wrong.

Are you an energy procurement professional, or are you just looking to leverage your current business relationship and earn more money each month? Well you’re in the right place. Our Energy procurement partnerships work for everyone. With decades of experience in the energy industry Flame UK is the perfect fit for your energy partnership. As one of the UK’s fastest growing energy companies serving businesses owners and corporations with every aspect of their energy procurement strategies Flame UK delivers real results.

Why work with Flame UK?

  • We’re Easy! Yes it’s a fact, Flame UK offers the easiest way to set up your partnership income stream
  • We get Personal! Our supporting team are here for you, we focus our efforts around the results you want to achieve
  • The Customer WINS!  Our unique tendering process will ensure the customer always wins, best rates, best deals and the best suppliers in the market – every time
  • Achieve Financial Goals: Yes, let’s work together to help you achieve your financial goals, secure future income and build a future
  • Little of No Time? Our unique partnership model can create a stream of income that works around the time and effort you have to give. So even if you have no more time than to introduce a business we can still build your partnership income. Many of our partners simply introduce new clients then walk away, some of those partners still earn many thousands of pounds.
  • Build Recurring Revenue: With our regular commission payment your income can increase month on month, even for those who have little time

It’s all about you!

If you’re an experienced energy professional looking for a new partner that pays higher returns or you’re a busy professional that’s looking to leverage your current business relationships Flame UK is the right choice for you. Our dedicated partnership managers will get to know you and your business, there role is to ensure that your partnership portfolio is maximised. We manage all the administration, the client relationship and prepare each and every tender to deliver the best results for your client. All our partner relationships are different, the needs and requirements of the partners range wildly, we work to create the easiest and best working relationships around you.

Want to see what you can earn with us?

We cover the whole of the UK and have a team of partnership managers that can talk to you about becoming a new partner, just get in touch and start your new income stream.

A great opportunity…

Flame UK work with many energy suppliers across the UK from the big 6 to smaller independents. Our aim is to offer a sustainable, reliable and professional market leading services to business owners. We’ll provide competitive rates from across the industry as well as account management for all our customers/partners. Our combined experience within industry equates to over 35 years – you’re always in great hands.

What our partners say about us.

“I didn’t have much time on my hands and as every other energy company wanted me to do the introducing and the selling I just couldn’t dedicate the time I needed, but when I moved to Flame I found it simple, I introduced the clients and they did the rest, I’m really pleased with my ever increasing portfolio of energy customers”

RS Partner since 2016

Our partnership program

We’re looking for individuals/groups with strong client bases or the desire to go out and generate business. We require warm introductions to the key decision makers which can earn you an agreed commission rate. It is what you make it – the more you refer, the more commissions is generated. You can treat it as a self employed, full time job or work along side your current day to day role. We’ll do all the leg work for you.

So, if you have an ambition to build a residual income and have strong communication, negotiation and have/can build a strong client base – this will work for you!

Get in touch with our Partnership Manager who will go through the packages available

If you have any questions or queries please click the button below to get in touch.