What’s Involved?

We are able to provide swift and compliant PAT testing to fit around your business needs no matter the size or location and because our engineers do everything, there is no disturbance to your day to day procedures.

We carry all the tools and equipment to test every portable appliance, ensuring a smooth service every time.

When you book with us we make life simple, give us an idea of the number of items you need testing and we can estimate the length of time we will need on site and book a date and time that works for you.

We arrive on site fully equipped with all the testing equipment and all the health and safety equipment needed.

Please do advise if there is anything else that’s needed specific to your environment, once our engineer has been inducted and given site rules and any restrictions we will carry out the individual item testing.

Once completed we will leave a copy of the individual item record sheet, which is also sent digitally for your records. We then schedule the next visit, simple! We make it our aim to leave your business just as we find it but in a safer and complaint tested items in place.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to providing the very best bespoke PAT testing for any item is the reason our customers continue to rely on us for all of their PAT testing needs. Because all of our team operate in a professional and discreet manner, there is no downtime for your team and absolutely no disruption to your working day.

We employ certificated professionals that rely on the latest equipment to get the job done that is also fully calibrated.

Out of hours testing is available if needed- just another indicator of our ongoing dedication to provide you with a service that fits in with you and your business entirely.


  • Do I need to do anything?

    No, our engineer will do all the testing once shown what needs to be tested we get on with it

  • Why should I choose you?

    Great question, ( all of the above consolidated into this answer )

  • Will I lose my equipment from use?

    For a very short time yes, each test is carried out quickly and efficiency and most of our customers dont even know were there!

  • What happens if an item fails?

    It depends why it fails, for very simple failures we will actually fix them on the spot with no disruption or cost to you, our engineers will ensure you are aware of any advise of item failures that occur, keeping you and your team safe is our priority.