About Our Food Waste Services

Did you know that recycling food waste can reduce your waste disposal costs by removing it from your general waste stream?

We can help you get ahead of the competition by lowering your business costs with our professional waste management service.

Food waste legislation will soon force businesses to segregate food waste so be proactive and be in front of your competitors.

We act as a single point of contact, providing a service that is clean and environmentally friendly – food waste is diverted from landfill and recovered for compost and energy recovery.

We are waste problem solvers so for those with small or large volumes and access issues or multiple sites we have vast experience and can help roll out of an effective food waste collection service. Offering UK nationwide coverage from all businesses including hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities, we can provide short term food waste collections for events and promotions.

With bespoke waste management solutions for every business, rely on us, the UK’s only 5-star waste management services for all of your food recycling needs.

Why Choose Our Service

Because of our innovative approach, we find food waste collection and recycling solutions where others cannot.

Acting a single point of contact, our service is fast and efficient, ensuring that you are able to focus on what you really need to – managing your business.

We have vast experience in the leisure and hospitality sector which has given us the ability to find the best fit for different businesses, taking various factors into consideration.

We offer high-level reporting for those who wish to report wastage and have also developed a bespoke pricing structure to accommodate any business needs. With national coverage and a stream of satisfied customers, our accredited disposal services will help you get the job done properly.

Service FAQ’s

  • Can all my food waste be recycled?

    Yes, we do need to understand what food waste you are producing to find the best possible solution but we can collect and recycle all types of food waste.

  • Do I need a special bin for food waste to be collected in?

    The bin isn’t special in any way although it is sperate from your general and recycling waste, we collect the food waste in a dedicated vehicle specifically manufactured to collect food waste effectively.

  • Will I need to separate my food waste?

    Absolutly yes, separating food waste into a specific bin will ensure that we can collect the food on its and ensure full compliance.

  • Will the government make me separate my food waste?

    The government wants to encourage every business to separate food waste as it feeds the nations green energy production, biofuel production, helps us meet our recycling targets and removes waste from our landfills.

  • How do I set up a food recycling collection for my business?

    It starts with a call, or email or even a web chat with us to establish what your businesses need are and what’s going to work for you the best.