About Our WEEE Services

Our nationwide waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collection and disposal service is highly regarded and reliable.

With every type of WEEE collected by us and our business boasting the highest rates of recycling and recovery, you can rely on us and our service, which will support your iso 14001 environmental policy.

With the most sustainable recycling and reprocessing services available, we can help your business become more eco-friendly – we can also offer secure destruction of WEEE for printers and hard drives.

WEEE can be collected loose, in boxes or we can provide specific containers for scheduled or one-off WEEE collections – this is because we create a service that fits in with your business, not the other way around. the containers provided for waste lamps, fluorescent tubes and bulbs for every site’s needs, custom containers or standard tube holders we have them all readily available.

Get in touch today and trust us to achieve complete compliance for your business.

Why Choose Our Service

Our ethos is built on reliability, which is why we always deliver our services in a timely fashion and in a way that fits in with your individual business needs.

The sustainable recycling of your WEEE will ensure that your business improves its carbon footprint and we can provide a range of containers to fit your business – we will provide you with exactly what your business needs, and with our bespoke solutions, finding the right fit for you couldn’t be easier.

With so much to offer, get in touch today to find out how our accredited disposal services can benefit your business.


  • What is WEEE?

    WEEE is the common term for, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

  • When is it waste?

    Waste is defined by when an item has finished its useful life for what it was intended by the owner. so, for example, a cardboard box that is used to deliver your office paper would be waste when you take the paper out of it.

  • Do I need a container for my waste lamps?

    If your business has waste lamps and bulbs then yes you do, lamps need to be safely contained for storage and transport for disposal.

  • I am only a small office, what WEEE do I produce?

    The answer is actually quite a lot, most offices have computers, monitors, lamps only computer accessories and even used calculators are all covered by the WEEE directive and need to be disposed of in line with these regulations.

  • Does my printer have a hard drive?

    Yes printers can store your data on them and some unscrupulous people can recover that data, we offer a shredding service for printers so you don’t need to be concerned about data breaches in your business.

  • Is my old computer WEEE?

    Yes, if its powered either by a battery or mains its WEEE, don’t forget computers have hard drives so ensure that your computers hard drive is wiped or shredded for security.