We offer a total energy management service meaning your business can gain far greater monitoring of energy consumption and control of usage allowing you to conserve energy and water use.

This can be a time consuming and complex task for business so here at Flame, our specialists will take on your energy monitoring to ensure not only compliance and cost-saving but also bringing a positive environmental impact.

All businesses are different, as are their energy monitoring requirements, we understand this so our services are always bespoke to your needs. We take on complex monitoring solutions and simplify them for your business, giving you access to a single portal and tailored reporting no matter what type of meter you have.


Our energy monitoring service is a cost-effective solution giving your business access to our industry knowledge, advice and management of your account. 

It is not just professional advice we offer, this is combined with powerful analytics and bespoke reporting and management information all accessed from a single portal.

Get in touch today to see how we can improve your energy monitoring whether you have established systems in place or are becoming just becoming aware that your current energy monitoring is not sufficient and you need assistance.

Service FAQ’s

  • How do you monitor gas, electric and water supplies?

    Some meters (HH) will already have the equipment needed to provide the raw data ready for analysing. However, we can instal the necessary equipment needed all any meter to provide the data to analysis and turn into useful reporting for your business.

  • How can monitoring my supply help contain my cost?

    By monitoring the usage of your supplies you can identify where wastage is occurring and implement processes and procedure to cut out these costs.  In addition, once you have established a baseline cost you can then identify if you can shift any usage to use different tariffs on reduced rates.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of energy monitoring is calculated on an individual basis as one size does not fit all, and a quote will be provided on your bespoke circumstances.  If your contract was placed under our consultancy service and reporting was an initial requirement then this cost will already be incorporated into your monthly management fee.