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Flame UK is proud to be a carbon neutral business

Flame UK is a carbon neutral business, offering a carbon neutral waste service to our customers. 

Global warming is caused by carbon emissions so it’s crucial we’re making steps to reduce our emissions wherever possible.

What does it mean for us to be carbon neutral?

The waste sector is the fourth largest for CO2 emissions and was responsible for 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

Flame UK has worked with Nottingham Trent University to calculate and reduce our emissions.   Where we can’t reduce these any further, we’ve purchased carbon credits to offset the small amount of emissions we produce.

Flame UK can also offer a carbon neutral waste service to our customers.  We work hard to identify the greenest options for your waste, reduce mileage and maximise efficiency. 

What have we done to become carbon neutral?

What Flame UK have done to become more sustainable

Reduced our travelling

Our main carbon emissions as a business are that generated from travel.  Our monthly meetings with our clients are now held virtually, on our board-room screen, to reduce the amount of travel. Of course nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, so we aim to maintain these every quarter or so, and we’re always on the end of the phone should our clients need us.

Electric vehicles

All of our company cars are now electric, and we have installed an EV charging point at our head office.

Office improvements

Our office is powered by renewable energy. We’ve made improvements to the building such as installing motion sensor lights and an intelligent heating system. We have also reduced our paper consumption by two-thirds by digitizing and upgrading our operational systems.

Carbon offset

As a business, we now generate only a small amount of CO2 having worked hard to reduce our emissions.  For any CO2 that we can’t eliminate, we offset with United Nations approved carbon credits.

How do we offer a carbon neutral waste service to our customers?

Increased recycling

We look for ways to increase your recycling rates or to reuse waste materials that you use.   We work with you to identify the best ways to reduce or recycle your waste to minimise environmental impact. 

Low emission vehicles

The majority of CO2 emissions generated by the waste sector are from large, heavy waste vehicles.  Where possible we will use low emission, or electric vehicles for waste collections. 

Efficient scheduling

We look to make collections as efficient as possible.  This means looking for ways to optimise your bin space, such as using compactors, so you don’t need as many collections; or making sure your collections are timed to coincide with other local pickups.  Collection trucks and the destination of your waste will be as local as possible to reduce miles.


We use technology, such as SmartTrash, to ensure that your waste is only collected when needed, avoiding unnecessary journeys.

Reporting on your CO2 emissions

We provide up to date reports on the amount of CO2 generated by your waste collections, by tracking the vehicle type and mileage used for your collection.

Zero to landfill

We aim for zero to landfill.  Firstly we identify what can be reused, then recycle what we can.  Any residual waste is taken to energy-from-waste plants for incineration to generate energy which is fed into the national grid.

Carbon offset

Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of your waste collection as much as possible.  We will look to provide you with the best and greenest solution and reduce the carbon footprint of your waste collection as much as we can.  For any CO2 we can’t eliminate, we offer the option to offset this with United Nations approved carbon credits. 

How can you get involved?

Contact us today or check out our carbon neutral business blog to learn more.

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

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