About Our Energy Metering Service

Our metering services are diverse to cover all business needs. Whether you are looking to install a new meter, move an existing meter or disconnect a meter, the process can get extremely complex but our industry experts are on hand to help.

Our services are available nationwide and we are more than happy to assist with complex metering solutions either on single sites or multi-sites. This is a huge advantage for your business as we can co-ordinate the delivery of meters 7 days a week and give you a single point of contact, even for the most complex of projects.

Our team can assist with gas, electricity and water meters and deal with connections and reconnections. In short, we really do offer the complete metering service.

Why Choose Our Service

Any changes to your metering can often become a time consuming and complex task for businesses. However, our specialist team of solution focussed individuals with extensive industry knowledge will take on your project and manage it from start to finish.

Using our professional team really is cost-effective as it saves time and costly errors in terms of decisions or poor scheduling that can often happen if you are not involved in the metering industry on a day to day basis.

With our personised service, we keep the process simple for you.

Service FAQ’s

  • How quickly can you install a meter?

    Standard meters can be installed within 5-10 working days (gas), 5-14 working days (electric) following an accepted quotation.

  • How much will installing a new meter cost?

    All metering works is carried out on an individual basis as each premises have different requirements and also the cost will depend on how far back to the grid the connection will need to go.  Bespoke quotations will be provided following a consultation.

  • How much interuption will be caused when installing or changing a meter?

    Once we have established the fundamental requirements for your metering works a fully managed metering resolution will be implemented with little or no disruption to your operation.