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Commercial skip hire in all sizes.

Every hour of every day, almost 2,000 rubbish skips are hired in the UK. That’s 17 million a year!

When you consider how they’re designed to make bulky waste disposal as convenient as possible, their popularity is perhaps not that surprising. They’re a familiar sight on private driveways, construction sites and in industrial settings.

With Flame UK, skip hire is about much more than merely providing a large empty container and taking it away when full.

As part of our total business waste management, we work with you to assess and meet your exact needs – how many skips, their size, type, location, frequency of collection, and so on.

We provide a fully-rounded commercial skip hire service in Nottingham and throughout the UK, managing the whole process so that you don’t have to. Reliability is our watchword. If a skip is full on a Monday, we’ll empty it on a Tuesday. We’ll also fit in with all your site requirements – ensuring that we deliver and collect within your hours of operation, in compliance with any rules on vehicle movements.

Which skip does my business need?

Whether you need a single skip or are wrestling with some complex waste management challenges, Flame UK can help. Contact us to discuss your commercial skip hire requirements today.


We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size skip do I need?

Our knowledgeable team of experts can advise you on which skip is right for your job. From a kitchen refit or bathroom, up to a construction site, we can provide you with the right size container. See our sizing chart for all the sizes and dimensions available.

See our sizing chart for all the sizes and dimensions available.

How much room do I need for a skip?

This depends on the size of skip that you need. Skips are delivered on large vehicles so there will need to be plenty of access room. Contact us and we can advise on the access requirements that you need. Skips can be placed in gardens or driveways if there is enough access.

Can my skip be locked?

Yes, we can provide lidded, lockable skips. These are useful for keeping any waste that might be dangerous out of sight. They are also useful if the skip is in a public area where materials might be removed, particularly if they are dangerous.

What materials can be put into a skip?

Pretty much anything! Garden and house clearance materials, such as garden waste, fencing, furniture, wood, plastics, glass, cardboard, carpets can all be put in a skip. Heavier and construction waste such as brick, roof tiles, metals and plaster can also be skipped.

What happens to the waste?

The skip will be taken to a waste processing site. There, the waste will be sorted for anything that can be reused or recycled before the remaining waste is disposed of. We aim to recycle as much as we can, with the aim of sending no waste to landfill.

How do I have the skip collected?

Just give us a call and we will arrange for a driver to collect your skip at a convenient time and day.

Will any of the waste be recycled?

Yes, we aim to recycle as much as possible of your waste. It will be sorted at a waste processing site to separate anything that can be recycled.

What are the benefits of a skip?

A skip is a great versatile waste container, it doesn’t take up much room and is easily collected once it’s full.


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