About Our PAT Testing Services

We can provide your business with fully inclusive PAT testing by trained professionals whose permanent job is to carry out PAT testing, meaning you know that they’ve got the appropriate experience.

Our team are committed to conducting thorough testing with the latest testing equipment for accuracy and compliance and our professional PAT testers are fully qualified and carry their certification with them – just in case you need an extra dose of security. They work with the latest equipment that is fully calibrated by external testing organisation regularly to ensure maximum safety for you.

We know that businesses like to remain in the know when it comes to PAT testing, which is why we also leave a fully auditable report on site for every site tested that includes every item individually logged.

We are committed to providing a transparent service and offer fully inclusive pricing with no hidden costs or added extras. Working with small or large businesses from 1 item up and offering national coverage, it’s easy to see why so many businesses rely on us for their pat testing.

Why Choose Our Service

We work with professional pat testers whose day job it is to carry out these projects, meaning they are able to provide fast and effective service.

Our team always carry certification and because they all fully ensured, your peace of mind and trust in our service will always remain intact. Our professionals are totally equipped to carry out testing on any portable appliance so no additional call outs or missed items.

We pride ourselves on our discreet service, meaning we won’t disrupt your workforce while we get the job done – there’s even evening and weekend work undertaken to fit around your business needs. Give a call today to find out how we can help.

What our customers say about us.

“Such great service from Flame UK PAT Testing, we have thousands of items across our 20 sites, each with their own needs and wants. Flame UK were flexible and efficient. They have saved is money across all our departments.”

-PM UK Facilities Management Company
Want to save money on your PAT Testing, and ensure total compliance? FLAME UK PAT Testing, now with FREE services. Call today.

Service FAQ’s

  • Is PAT testing a legal requirement?

    PAT Testing is not a legal requirement; however, many insurance companies require PAT testing to be performed as it reduces the risk of Fire, and other electrical damages. If electrical equipment is not tested and causes harm, then insurance may be invalid due to lack of testing.

  • How often do I have to PAT test?

    The longevity of your PAT test depends on the equipment being tested. If the equipment is being used on a daily basis then it will require a more frequent test, then equipment being used a few times a month.

    Whether the equipment is used in an office or being used on a building site will also change how often equipment needs to be tested as there are increased risks.

    There are 3 main criteria which determine the frequency of testing:

    • The risk level of the working environment.
    • The electrical class of the appliance.
    • The category of the appliance.
  • What do I have to PAT Test?

    There are 7 categories of appliance which should undergo PAT testing or, at the very minimum, a visual inspection. These include:

    • Fixed appliances.
    • Stationary appliances.
    • IT appliances.
    • Moveable appliances.
    • Portable appliances.
    • Cables and chargers.
    • Hand Held appliances.
  • Who is responsible for PAT testing?

    The “employer” is responsible for making sure PAT testing is carried out. The “employer” is responsible for the health and safety of their employees.

  • What happens if an item fails?

    If an item were to fail for any reason, then the PAT test engineer would place a “failed” sticker on the item. In the reports provided after all the PAT testing is complete the reading of all items will be included which will show how and why the item failed.

    Once you are aware of the failed item you may decide whether you want to purchase a new cable/plug/device in order to continue being a compliant business with health and safety laws.

  • What happens if I don’t conduct PAT testing?

    Heavy penalties can be enforced if one does not comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974. Failure to comply with Electrical Regulations can lead to imprisonment, in its most extreme cases. Other penalties may include fines in excess of £20,000.

    You can read more information regarding the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974 here.