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Food waste disposal – reducing your
carbon footprint & your disposal costs.

Food waste is a serious economic and environmental issue, with millions of tons created in the UK every year.

This huge amount is made up of inedible waste from food production and items intended for consumption, but discarded without being eaten.

Flame UK will help you get ahead of the competition and save you money with our professional waste management services – cutting your costs by separating food from your other waste.

We can provide nationwide food waste management support at any scale for many sectors with food waste.

Sectors we work with

Our food waste collection and disposal service is designed to help businesses nationwide. If you’re looking for reliable waste management support, we’ve help the following sectors with reducing waste, and costs:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Leisure facilities
  • or any company which supplies food to its workforce

Flame UK acts as a single point of contact for all your food waste needs, providing a service that is clean, environmentally friendly and rated as five-star by our customers.

Thanks to our innovative approach and extensive experience in food waste collection, we can find food waste recycling opportunities where others cannot. We pride ourselves on being waste problem solvers for any situation.

Our starting point is ‘zero to landfill’, diverting food waste and recovering it for compost and energy recovery. If your business is committed to reducing waste by redirecting unwanted but edible food to people who need it, we’ll also help you achieve that.

Contact our team

Contact us today to find out more about our food waste collection, disposal and management service in Nottingham and throughout the UK.

Waste not, want not! Ask us how we can help cut your food waste costs.

Let’s find a tailored solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can all my food waste be recycled?

Yes! We need to understand what food waste you are producing to find the best possible solution, but we can collect and recycle all types of food waste.

Do I need a special bin for food waste to be collected in?

The bin isn’t special in any way – although it is sperate from your general and recycling waste. We collect the food waste in a dedicated vehicle specifically manufactured to collect food waste effectively.

Will I need to separate my food waste?

Absolutly yes, separating food waste into a specific bin will ensure that we can collect the food on its and ensure full compliance.

Will the government make me separate my food waste?

The government wants to encourage every business to separate food waste as it feeds the nations green energy production, helps us meet recycling targets and removes waste from landfills.

How do I set up a food recycling collection for my business?

It starts with a call, email or even a web chat with us to establish what your businesses need are and what’s going to work best for you.


We're always here for you

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information about how we could improve your waste management.

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