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Turning glass waste into new resources
that contribute to a circular economy.

Our specialist glass waste collection service is there to make recycling your glass easy. No matter the amount of glass waste your business produces, our team at Flame UK can collect all quantities, colours and types off glass – giving your waste a whole new lease of life in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.

We can support your commercial glass recycling by providing your business the right glass containers to store your waste safely even when broken. We can organise regular glass waste collections and routinely deliver to a wide range of recycling plants around the UK.

We can handle any type of glass waste including coloured, heat treated and bottles and jars so you don’t have to worry about separating into different containers.

Our glass recycling service can help to improve your environmental credentials, minimise your contributions to climate change and meet waste management and environmental standards.

Is your business in need of commercial glass recycling? Contact our expert team and arrange a collection today!

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you recycle your commercial glass?

Recycling you commercial glass can help stop the emissions of harmful gasses, reduce your carbon footprint and your contribution to climate change. It can also save you money as a lot of commercial waste is priced by weight – and glass is heavy!

What type of glass can be recycled?

We can collect, recycle and manage all types of glass no matter the grade, weight or colour. This includes bottles, jars, heat treated glass and even glass food containers! Unsure what type off glass you have? Contact our team today and we can see what we can do for you.

What happens to the glass that is recycled?

Recycled glass is taken to a glass recycling plant where it is sorted and washed. After cleaning, the glass is crushed down, melted and turned in to new products like jars, glasses and bottles. Some glass recycling plants use the glass for other products like fiberglass insulation, sand blasting material and brick manufacturing.

What bins are required for glass waste?

Glass waste should be stored in special glass bins that have been toughened for safety purposes and have a secure lid. Our glass bins can come in a variety of sizes to suit your business’ needs. Contact our team today to find out what bin you require for your business or take a look at our bin hire page.

Can you recycle broken glass?

Our team can collect glass in all conditions including broken as the recycling process crushes it anyway! If you are unsure about the types of glass you can recycle with us, please contact our team today.


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