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Turn uncontaminated waste into new
resources, contributing to a circular economy.

Dry mixed waste refers to all those materials which are relatively free from contamination – such as paper, cardboard, cans, plastic and wood.

There really is no excuse for not making every effort to recycle these items. Not only is it better our environment, it also creates new income streams for your business.

As independent waste consultants with decades of experience, Flame UK can provide you with the right equipment and systems to transform how you handle commercial dry mixed waste.

We’re confident that our recycling service will save you space, time and money by increasing your uncontaminated waste recycling and reducing the number of waste collections you need.

Contact us today to find out more about our dry mixed recycling service.

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of waste would be dry mixed recycling?

Plastic bottles, drinks cups and cans, office paper and newspapers, magazines and leaflets, food cartons and packaging, cardboard boxes and packaging film.

Will dry mixed recycling reduce my waste disposal costs?

Yes, more often than not we can reduce costs by as much as 45% with a well planned dry mixed recycling collection over general waste.

How easy is it to move to dry mixed recycling for my business?

In most cases it’s effortless, sometimes the waste that is being produced is good enough to be changed over without any notable changes in the business, sometimes a general waste bin is still needed but much smaller and collected less frequently.

What are the best ways to reduce my waste management costs?

It all starts with a waste audit and a waste map! Our pragmatic and systematic waste mapping process will identify sources of waste creation identifying potentials to reduce overall costs through volume reduction, improved segregation and sorting of waste where possible and creating new income-producing disposal routes, taking advantage of waste equipment to increase efficiency where feasible.

What size bin do I need for dry mixed recycling?

We have a vast range of bins available, we will help you get just the right bins for you. We have a range of wheelie bins, FEL’s and skips, these charts show all the dimensions.


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