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Hazardous waste disposal in an
environmentally-friendly & compliant way.

Hazardous waste comes in many forms, from fluorescent light tubes and ink cartridges, to toxic chemicals and asbestos.

The experience of Flame UK’s professional teams means that we can help you and your business in any situation.

We pride ourselves on being waste problem solvers, using our specialist knowhow and national contacts to ensure safe site clearances of all kinds – whether building or road construction waste, or industrial by-products.

Our own chemists play an integral role by helping to identify the materials involved. This ensures we handle and package them correctly – ensuring that your business, staff, the wider public and the environment all remain safe.

By finding the right compliant hazardous waste disposal methods – even recycling – we’ll keep your costs down. Our disposal routes in the energy sector enable us to turn hazardous waste into power.

Once we’re clear about the best approach, we’ll also provide experienced ADR-trained drivers, capable of dealing with your hazardous waste in different forms and containers (from drums to large tankers) without disruption.

If you would like to see what other sectors we specialise in, please visit our waste collection page and discover other ways in which we can help your business solve various waste related matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is any waste substance that might be harmful to humans or the environment. This also includes any part of a material.

What kind of materials class as hazardous?

Hazardous waste includes most chemicals such as solvent-based paints; pesticides; batteries and battery fluid; diesel; petrol; asbestos. Anything that is toxic, flammable or corrosive will also be hazardous.

How much of my hazardous waste can you recycle?

As a national waste business we have access to quite literally the largest network of disposal and recycling and recovery facilities. We make it our job to have the largest capacity and coverage in the industry.

How should I store hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste needs to be separated and stored carefully. You can store smaller items in a “Haz box” which will be replaced when we collect it. Other, larger items need to be stored in a dedicated area, ideally in a separate, lockable container. We can help with this – call us to discuss your requirements.

Why does it need to be treated differently to general waste?

As hazardous waste is potentially harmful to humans and the environment, it cannot be thrown into landfill or general waste bins. If chemical leak they can cause damage to watercourses, animals, crops and humans.

Will your service help me to be more environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our services are designed to deliver the best solutions to business and be focussed on delivering the most environmentally friendly options available.

We have multiple sites – can you create a collection plan that will work for us?

Yes, our transport team and planners have years of experience in multisite route and collection planning. You could say that multisite planning is right up our street!

Will my team need to help if there is a very large volume of waste?

No – we are skilled waste collectors and have all the equipment, vehicles and team to deal with every type of waste collection.

We have a regular collection of hazardous waste, can Flame UK help us manage our waste more efficiently and help us reduce our volumes and costs?

We certainly can. In today’s business environment only the efficient ones can grow and prosper – we support all those business. Our team have years of experience in carrying our waste mapping and reducing plans.

Are there any kinds of hazardous waste that you won’t collect?

No, we collect every type of waste both hazardous and non-hazardous that an office can create.

What exactly is a haz box?

A haz box is a safe and secure box that you can store your small office hazardous waste items in and that’s approved for carriage for us to collect. We usually exchange haz boxes – taking away a full box and replacing it with an empty one.

My business is really small – can you still help me?

Absolutely, along with large corporate entities we look after a great number of small businesses, just call us and see.

How experienced are your team when it comes to handling hazardous waste?

Each one of our team are skilled waste professionals, they work diligently to progress their careers and are encouraged to obtain professional and industry training regularly. Our senior team have a collective experience exceeding 80 years!

Compliance is crucial to our business, will we get compliant documentation for our waste that you collect?

You most certainly will, as a licensed waste business we value safety and environmental compliance as a critical aim. We are registered with the Environment Agency and carry all the latest insurances and quality standards.


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