Portable Washroom Facilities

About Our Portable Washroom Services


Whether you are event planning or project managing a construction site, having fully compliant washroom facilities is of great importance.

We offer any number of facilities provided for from a single toilet on a construction site to multiple sites across a large festival or event.

You may be concerned that washroom facilities will mean more work for you – but with us that simply isn’t the case because all toilets are fully maintained and serviced by us so you don’t need to do a thing!

High rated for cleanliness, our washroom facilities will ensure that your staff, guests or attendees remain safe and comfortable for the duration of their working day or downtime.

We empty and service all the units on a schedule to fit the requirements of your event so all visitors have a pleasant experience and clean place to use and you are able to stick to your own timeframes.

We offer a range of toilet facilities from men’s urinals, disables w/c’s single units etc. so you’ll find what you need to meet your needs.

Planning something more special? We have a range of high-end luxury toilets with luxury soaps and high-end fitments for a little more class if your event needs it.

With so much variety and exceptional service on offer, it’s no wonder we are the UK’s only 5-star waste management services.

Why Choose Us?

Our health and safety approved systems are well suited to a variety of different events and we are able to provide licensed disposal and collections for both functions and working environments such as construction sites.

Our newly highly maintained units ensure customer satisfaction and will enable you to benefit from extremely clean and fully compliant washroom facilities. We also have a high volume of units available so never out of stock and if you contact us last minute, we will be able to provide what you need.

With national coverage and 24/7 service available, use our washroom facilities and you will not be disappointed.

Service FAQ’s

  • Do I need to empty the toilets myself?

    No! we provide the units and maintain them while they are in use. Our technicians empty them and clean them while on site, all part of the service.

  • Do you provide showers and high end units?

    Yes, showers and a range of luxury units are available. We even have a range of mens urinals and disabled units.

  • How many toilets do I need for my event?

    Each event can be different, they last for different time durations and some events more food or drink is consumed so as the UK’s leader we can work out exactly how many would work best for your event. Get in touch and let us work it out for you.

  • How are the toilet units delivered?

    We deliver and install the units on self-contained vehicles and trailers so we can access any surface and install them almost anywhere, the units even have forklift pockets if you need them placed in a particularly awkward location.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    No each unit is delivered ‘charged’ and ready for use.