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Purchase or hire a waste baler and save money on your waste disposal.

Balers are invaluable for pressing and compacting recyclable materials into blocks on-site, before collection.

Flame UK can supply cardboard and plastic balers, to help you save money on your waste disposal.

Our waste balers will reduce the space you need for storage, maximise your opportunities to recycle, make waste handling easier and cut costs – because you’ll need fewer collections. Baled recyclable waste can also generate useful revenue.

The range of balers available means that they can be used in a variety of different settings:

  • Single-chamber baler – ideal for sites with limited space, but capable of handling quite large amounts of plastics, paper or cardboard. Bale sizes vary from 50kg – 300kg. A single-chamber baler can reduce waste volume by up to 90%.
  • Multi-chamber baler – for businesses generating multiple recyclable waste streams. The baler separates and bales the different types of waste to make recycling easier. Extra chambers can be added to deal with other waste types.
  • Mill-size Baler – a medium-sized solution producing dense rectangular bales of up to 500kg, which are easy to stack and transport.
  • Horizontal Baler – ideal for managing very large volumes of recyclable waste, including plastic bottles and cardboard.

You can also purchase or hire waste compactors through Flame UK.

Which waste balers can we provide?

Flame UK can provide a range of waste balers to help your business streamline its waste management process. We can provide small, medium and large sized balers to meet your site’s requirements. Click below to view the specifications.

Not sure what size you’ll need? Chat with our team today to learn more.

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

Book a site survey today!

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