A New Resource for Collecting and Recycling Pallets

Make sure your pallets are Recycled

We all know how widely used wooden pallets are these days, with the surge in online deliveries and retailers moving to larger distribution-based business models the wooden pallet is here to stay. The reuse of pallets is now commonplace, deliveries arrive into many businesses on pallets and the same number of pallets are returned for reuse this works really well in large businesses and distribution networks.

But What About Smaller Businesses?

The system starts to fall down when smaller deliveries are made to the SME market, where the receivers of the goods don’t have the resources to store and keep pallets ready for returning, often the deliveries themselves are outsourced, and return isn’t always possible.

Many of these businesses have problems disposing of their pallets and often this is where the reuse of pallets ends, with some being broken up to fit into smaller bins or crushed in general waste collections while others are left and cause environmental eyesores, not to mention the fire hazard of keeping highly combustible materials near a building.

So what’s new?

There is a new resource targetted directly at those small producers of pallets, a FREE TO USE platform, an online database of companies who will collect small volumes of pallets from all areas around the U.K and return them into the reuse loop. The resource is free to use and also free for collectors of pallets to register and add their business details.

The aim of the platform is to increase the number of pallets collected and recycled and make it easy to have small volumes of pallets collected anywhere in the U.K.

This new resource is aptly named, Collect My Pallets and can be visited at the following address www.collectmypallets.co.uk