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Every business is different and when your business has lots of different sites to manage, there’s a lot to consider. That’s why we sat down with Joe, one of our waste experts, to learn more about how we can help you manage your multi-site waste more efficiently.

How is managing multi-site waste different to managing waste on a single site?

Well, for a start, there is so much more that needs to be considered when you’re dealing with multi-site waste. Each site is likely to have its own specific requirements. So, you’ll need to find a recovery or recycling route for any and every waste stream.

Managing multiple sites comes with its own unique workload and requires solid organisation and a great deal of focus. The main thing is to learn the sites individually, from the people to the services.

A baler might be right for one site, but not for another, and whilst almost every site will have its basic waste needs, things tend to be on a bigger scale. So, you’ll need to fine tune all the details to make sure you’ve got the right solution for each site.

How can you streamline the waste management process if you’re dealing with lots of different sites?

The best way to streamline the waste management process is to work with a broker. They’ll be able to work out the best solution for your sites to streamline the waste management process. Instead of working with a different provider for each of your sites, you’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire process. They will deal with everything for you, keep you informed and leave no stone unturned at any site.

Working with a broker means you’ll only have one bill at the end of each month too, making the billing process easier for your finance teams.

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How important is waste reporting when you’re handling multi-site waste?

Waste reporting helps to keeps you compliant and is a key part of managing waste for a multi-site business. Reporting gives you the information you need to help clarify what happens to any waste that comes off your site and where it goes in the form of grade split reports.

These grade split reports can tell you exactly how much waste we’re collecting by weight, waste stream using EWC codes. You’ll also see what’s happening to your waste after collections, for example whether it’s gone for recycling or energy from waste. From this, you’ll get a greater insight into the waste created at each of your sites by waste type, size, and weight, which can be used to implement any new waste reduction methods to work towards any sustainability initiatives you have.

For any singular collection we can provide Waste Transfer Notes. This gives you the weight, volume and EWC code for your waste to give you a greater insight into the waste each of your sites are producing.

How can you reduce your waste costs when managing multi-site waste?

Schedules! For many sites we can put together a schedule or service plan for a lot of work. This could be anything from Tankering and drainage work, machinery servicing for balers, compactors, or just simple skip and bin empties. This avoids any hiccups or unwanted charges down the line with equipment or services simply by keeping on top of the services and equipment you may have.

There are a couple of ways you can reduce your costs. Looking for machinery to reduce the amount of collections you need can be a great place to start. Your sites could be better off using a baler or a compactor for their waste management to reduce the number of collections you need.

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