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Had a large-scale refurbishment or just finished your construction work? You’re likely going to need a site clearance to get your site back to where it needs to be. But what actually happens when you undergo a site clearance?

We sat down with Lydia, one of our waste experts, to find out everything you need to know about site clearances.

Why are site clearances important?

Having a site clearance is a great way to keep your construction site or business clean, safe and compliant. They prevent any risk of fly tipping as you run this risk when you don’t choose a licensed waste carrier for a professional site clearance. You’re also keeping your site safe too. There’s so many health and safety risks with waste lying around your site. You could have hazardous materials on site, such as oils and paints, which can be incredibly dangerous if they’re not dealt with properly.

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What kind of materials can be collected?

You’re probably going to have a variety of different materials on your site. We can remove anything from office furniture to general waste from your site. We can even collect construction materials and any hazardous materials you might have on your site to make sure that there’s no rubbish left over.

How is the waste collected during site clearances?

This is different depending on the site we’re clearing. It’s all down to the amount of waste and the access we have to the site. When we first begin to work with customers needing a site clearance, we’ll discuss requirements with them to get a better understanding of their requirements. For smaller site clearances, it’ll be something like a ‘man and van’ style of removal. If the site has a lot of waste, we’ll look more for a larger vehicle for the collection.

A construction site
A skip after a site clearance

How long will the clearance process take?

Again, this all depends on the site we’re clearing. Every site is different so ones with a larger amount of waste will take longer that smaller sites. Once we’ve got a better understanding of the site’s requirements, we’ll then be able to give an estimated timescale for how long the whole process should take.

What happens to the waste after site clearances?

Once we’ve collected the waste from the site, it’ll then be taken to a waste processing site. There, all the waste we collected will be separated. This makes sure that we can recycle and recover as much waste from the site as possible. We aim to recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. If you want to know more about where your waste has gone, can provide reports to show you exactly what happened to it after collection.

You’ll need to make sure that you’re choosing a licensed waste carrier to remove any waste you have. As a waste producer, you need to make sure you’re complying with your ‘Duty of Care’. If you don’t choose a licensed waste carrier, the waste from your site could be fly tipped or not handled correctly and safety. Your business could also be facing fines or prosecution. You’ll need to choose a licensed waste carrier to make sure you’re complying with Duty of Care.

What if any of the waste on the site is hazardous?

You’ll need to let us know if any of the waste on the site is hazardous. This is to keep you and anyone who handles the waste safe. We can organise for a hazardous waste collection or asbestos removal for your site to keep everyone safe. We’ll try and recover as much of the hazardous waste as possible too.

What should people do if they need their site clearing?

The best thing someone should do if they need a site clearance is getting in touch with us. We can collect and dispose of any waste materials, substances, and objects for anything from a tidy up of business premises to a full clearance of your industrial or construction site.

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