Washroom Services for Construction Sites

Portable toilets on a construction site

When you’re running a busy construction site, the last thing on your mind is your washroom facilities. But having fully compliant facilities is a must for any site.

What washroom services do I need to provide on site?

There are a few key pieces of washroom you’ll be required to provide, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). You’ll need to provide flushing toilets connected to the mains with a draining system. If a mains connection isn’t available, the facilities should have their own drainage tank. The toilets will need to be ventilated, well lit and clean too. Your staff members will need to have access to hot and cold running water next to the toilets with soap and towels or hand dryers provided. Depending on the nature of the work being completed, you might need to provide showering facilities too.

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How many toilets will my construction site need?

The number of toilets your construction site will need depends on how many people are working on your construction site and whether the facilities are unisex or not. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Regulation 20, Sanitary conveniences sets out the minimum number of toilets and washbasins that you will need depending on these factors. These facilities need to be kept in a “clean and orderly condition” in line with the regulations too. If you’re using chemical toilets, BSI standard recommends one plastic toilet for every seven people working a 40-hour week.

A table showing how many portable toilets you need to have per worker on site when there's mixed use
A graph showing how many portable toilets your site needs if they're only used by males.

Why is an efficient washroom plan so important for a construction site?

The key reason you need to stay on top of your washroom services for your construction site is to keep your staff safe. The health and safety of your workers is a key priority and ensuring that there’s well maintained washroom facilities is a vital part of this. Well maintained washroom facilities keep your staff happy and prevent the risk of any health and safety hazards too.

How can I keep my washroom facilities on my construction site compliant?

Making sure your washroom facilities are well maintained is the key to staying compliant on your construction site. You’ll need to make sure that you have the right amount of toilet facilities for the workers on your sites. Make sure that there’s a constant supply of consumables, such as toilet paper, soap and paper towels.

You’ll need to make arrangements for regular cleaning of your washroom facilities as well as the emptying of any sanitary bins. It’s important to consider the nature of work and conditions on the site you’re managing. If the site is muddy, you’re probably going to need to clean the units more than once a day to avoid any health and safety risks.

Electrical safety is also something to consider when arranging for washroom facilities. Your toilet facilities will most likely need electrically heated water for washing. So, it’s important that you’re taking the necessary precautions to avoid electrical injury, such as checking for any damaged wiring.

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What can we provide for construction sites?

Alongside our site clearance and waste collection services, we can provide your construction site with portable toilets and a full washroom service tailored to fit your construction site’s needs. We’ll deliver the portable toilets at a time that’s convenient for you. Working on a large multistorey construction site? We can even arrange for portable toilets that are lifted and placed on the different storeys of the building site. We’ll arrange for the toilets and feminine hygiene bins to be emptied too to keep your site free from any health and safety risks.

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Managing a construction site and need to arrange for washroom facilities? Flame UK can provide your construction site with a full washroom service to keep your site safe of any health and safety risks. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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