Why a Baler is Best for your Business

cardboard waste bales stacked on top of each other

What is a baler?

A waste baler is a unique piece of equipment designed to compact waste into bales in order to store waste more effectively. This can help you to save space and reduce the number of waste collections your business needs. Balers vary in size from a two-handed, lever-operated machine capable of baling up to 35kg, to a 1500 x 1100mm mill-size baler with a 50-tonne press force that can achieve bales of up to 650kg. Most balers are often based off the same mechanical design; a chamber where the waste is placed and a pressure plate that, once activated, will squash and compact the waste into a bale. They also include a tape or twine which ties the compacted waste bale together, making it easy to store.

What is the baler used for?

A waste baler is a useful piece of equipment for your business to help manage its waste. The core function is to take waste, such as plastic, cardboard, and shredded paper, and compact them into uniform bales, ready for collection. Using a baler is great for keeping areas tidy as they can help you to store up to four times more waste once compressed. This, in turn, helps to increase your business’ waste capacity, which can help reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the number of waste collections.

a blue waste bin filled overflowing with cardboard boxes
Without a waste baler, your bins are more likely to be overflowing.
a blue waste baler next to a bale of cardboard.
By using a baler, you can store four times as much waste in the same space.

What are the different types of balers?

Single-chamber baler

These smaller balers are great for sites with limited space as their sizes can vary from 50kg to 300kg. A single-chamber baler can reduce waste volume by up to 90%.

Multi-chamber baler

This is the go-to for businesses generating multiple recyclable waste streams. It separates and bales different types of waste to make recycling even easier. You can also add extra chambers to deal with any other waste types you need to compact.

Mill-size baler

These balers are a medium-sized solution producing dense rectangular bales of up to 500kg. The bales are then easier to stack and transport.

Horizontal baler

This type of baler is great for larger sites as they are designed for managing very large volumes of recyclable waste, including plastic bottles and cardboard.

What are the benefits of using waste balers?

A great advantage of using a baler is the increased space and capacity it can create. By using a baler, you will be able to drastically reduce the amount of space taken up by extra bins and loose waste. Depending on the type of waste, this can reach up to five times its storage capacity. The more storage capacity you have, the less waste collections you will need. This is a great way to save you money and helps to reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Another great advantage of a baler is that they enable you to easily separate your waste into general waste and recyclables, minimising the time and effort involved in waste management. This means you can separate recyclable materials at the source, as you collect them. Additionally, providing clearly labelled bins for your different types of recyclables, such as cardboard, tyres, and cans, which means you won’t have to sift through general waste or identify recyclables when it’s time for collection.

Utilising waste balers is better environmentally too as it can help your business to reduce its waste collections, which cuts the amount of CO2 produced by transport from collections. Easily separating general waste from recyclables also increases plastic recycling rate, which also benefits the environment.

It’s also super easy to use – check out our demonstration video.

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