About Our Garage Clearance Service

If you want to clear our your garage then we can help – we can take away pretty much everything the average garage will have; and we know how things can build up if you don’t stay on top of it!

Maybe you just need more space, or perhaps you are sick and tired of looking at those old patio chairs or boxes of rubbish – whatever it is, we can help.

In fact, we can clear any unwanted items, old Christmas decorations, tools, equipment or old items of garden furniture – we can even take waste from your garden shed or greenhouse.

Our team will travel anywhere in the country to clear out your garage and we will take it away and sweep up afterwards, leaving you with the space for whatever you plan next.

Keen to be more eco-friendly? We will even recycle most of what we collect, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for the planet in the process too.

Why Choose Our Service

Sick of looking at old, unwanted items in your garage?

Rely on our quick and simple service to clear out your garage where we will take any type of household waste and dispose of it in a cost effective, resourceful way.

We have very high recycling rates and because we are so environmentally friendly, we can assure you that most of what we do collect from your garage we will be able to recycle for you.

Our professional and polite team will make you feel at ease while they work away on your property and our bespoke, efficient vehicle fleet means lower c02 as well.

Service FAQ’s

  • Can you take away items that are on our patio or lawn?

    We can collect your waste from your, patio, lawn, shed garage and even upstairs.

  • Is there any items that you will refuse to take?

    We haven’t ever had to say no! give us a try.

  • Is your service eco-friendly?

    Yes. Eco friendly disposal, recycling and low emission collections are right up our street.

  • I’ve had bad experiences with workmen in my home before – will this happen with you?

    NO! Our team are not only dedicated, professional and customer focussed they are highly respectful individuals who take pride in delivering our company ethos of ‘everyone happy’.