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Comprehensive pallet collection & recycling service that can bring revenue into the business & reduce fire risk on your site.

Wood pallets are highly useful platforms for heavy loads, but dealing with them afterwards isn’t that straightforward.

Unwanted pallets are heavy and bulky, meaning that they can quickly become a nuisance or even a health and safety risk on busy business premises.

Flame UK provides a comprehensive pallet collection and recycling service in which you can have absolute trust. We’ll always collect on time and will help you turn your unwanted pallets into income.

To do this, we inspect the quality of all pallets. Those in good condition are offered up for immediate re-use. Any which can be repaired are made good before going back out into the market. Broken pallets can be recycled as wood waste and re-purposed for a large number of industrial uses, such as new furniture.

Flexibility is at the heart of our offering. We will take away pallets in any condition and buy or sell used pallets from/for you. We can provide you with replacements too. Our knowledgeable team are always on hand to offer advice on the best approach for you.

Our focus on pallet reuse helps to boost your environmental credentials and minimise the number of trees cut down to produce new ones.

Contact us today to find out more about our pallet collection and recycling service in Nottingham and throughout the UK.

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

Book a site survey today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify the types of pallet I have?

Either measure them or take a picture and email us and we will do the rest.

What is a euro pallet?

A euro pallet is any pallet with the dimension of 1200mmx800mm.

How do I get rid of waste pallets?

Give us a call on 0115 8965460 and we can organise a collection.

How much is a pallet?

Pallet prices vary depending on size, availability and strength.

What is the weight of a pallet?

Pallet weights range from 12kg up to 25kg.

Can I put a scrap pallet in my bin?

Scrap pallets should not be put in a bin but are widely recyclable. Please call us to find out more.

How can I arrange for you to collect my spare pallets?

Call us on 0115 8965460 and ask for a collection to be organised.

Are pallets wood waste?

Good pallets may be considered waste but we can often collect them free of charge. Scrap pallets should be recycled. Call us on 0115 896 5460 to find out more.

Are my pallets worth anything?

UK Standard and Euro pallets may have a value depending on the quantity you have. Call us on 0115 8965460 to find out more.

How many pallets will you collect?

We can collect from 1 to 500 depending on your location.

I don’t have a forklift, can you still collect my pallets?

Yes we can hand load small loads of pallets.

We have a few pallets can you collect them?

Yes. Call us on 0115 8965460 to find out more.

What do you do with scrap pallets?

Pallets that are beyond repair or a size we can’t sell, are stripped down and the components reused to repair other pallets. Any small off cuts are sent to biomass – nothing is wasted!

Do you repair pallets?

Yes, pallets with fewer than 4 broken components are repaired and resold.

Can I buy second hand pallets from you?

Yes, please call us on 0115 8965460 for used pallet sales.

We use a lot of pallets can you save me money?

Hopefully! Please call us on 0115 8965460 to discuss pallet pricing.

How do I get rid of Blue Pallets?

Contact your local CHEP office.

What is the significance of Blue or Red Pallets?

Blue and red pallets are owned by CHEP and IPP respectively. These pallets are rented rather than sold and cannot be traded.

Do I need to count second-hand pallets in my packaging waste regulations submission?

Second hand pallets are exempt of packaging waste regulations and only new ones require counting.


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