About Our Dry Mixed Recycling Service

Our professional waste management service provides total waste management to include all recycling for your business.

The dry mixed recycling collections can be a very cost-effective solution to recycle more of your site’s waste where further segregation of waste types is tricky or would require more bins that you have space for.

When we collect dry mixed recycling the contents of the collection are taken to one of our materials recovery stations and separated by material type then fully recycled,  ideal if you are concerned about being more eco-friendly.

Our solution is a single point of contact for all waste collections so for national companies with multiple sites we can cover all them – just another cornerstone of our efficient service.

The dry mixed recycling collections will support an iso 14001 accreditation and promote continual improvement for your business.

Dry mixed recycling is a 100% diversion from landfill and even if your office is only generating small amounts of waste we can collect it as dry mixed recycling and recycle it.

Because we are waste problem solvers we can provide bespoke waste management solutions for every business. Boasting UK nationwide coverage and holding the esteemed title of the UK’s only 5-star waste management services, why rely on anyone else?

Why Choose Our Service

We employ solution focussed professionals with years of recycling experience that they draw upon to come up with innovative approaches to managing waste.

Relying on our access to onward markets to achieve highest levels of rebate, we pride ourselves on always achieving the best results, no matter what the kind of waste is that we are dealing with – and with our promise of 100% landfill diversion, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality, cost-effective solution.

Reporting and management information will be available to your business throughout the duration on the process so choose our accredited disposal services.

Service FAQ’s

  • What types of waste would be dry mixed recycling?

    Plastic Bottles
    Drinks Cups and Cans
    Office Paper and Newspapers
    Magazines and Leaflets
    Food Cartons and Packaging
    Cardboard Boxes
    Packaging Film Plastics

  • Will dry mixed recycling reduce my waste disposal costs?

    Yes, more often than not we can reduce costs by as much as 45% with a well planned dry mixed recycling collection over general waste.

  • How easy is it to move to dry mixed recycling for my business?

    In most cases it’s effortless, sometimes the waste that is being produced is good enough to be changed over without any notable changes in the business, sometimes a general waste bin is still needed but much smaller and collected less frequently.

  • What are the best ways to reduce my waste management costs?

    It all starts with a waste audit and a waste map! Our pragmatic and systematic waste mapping process will identify sources of waste creation identifying potentials to reduce overall costs through volume reduction, improved segregation and sorting of waste where possible and creating new income-producing disposal routes. Taking advantage of waste equipment to increase efficiency where feesable.

  • What size bin do I need for dry mixed recycling?

    We have a vast range of bins available, we will help you get just the right bins for you, we have a range of Wheelie Bins, FEL’s and Skips, these charts show all the dimensions.