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Cardboard waste is a common feature in almost every business, and it can be quite tricky to manage this waste effectively. So, we sat down with George, one of our waste experts at Flame UK, to find out the best tips and tricks for managing your cardboard waste.

So, George, what is cardboard?

Cardboard is made from wood fibres which are then processed and turned into a slurry called pulp. It’s then used to make either paper or paperboard which are then used in the construction process for cardboard. This combines two out liners with a waved flute going through the core, helping to give the cardboard its strength.

Which industries might produce quite a lot of cardboard waste?

Cardboard waste is produced by all of us and is a common part in every business. But some industries do produce more cardboard waste than others. For example, the manufacturing and packaging industry as well as hospitality and retail.

What’s the best way for a business to store their cardboard waste?

How your business stores its cardboard waste is dependent on multiple variables, with lack of space being limited to a lot of businesses. Cardboard waste can be stored in wheelie bins or Front-End Loaders and collected on a scheduled round. This is a great way to keep your site tidy and creates a dedicated area on site for your cardboard waste to be stored. You could also look at renting a baler to turn your cardboard waste into bales. These can then be stacked and stored on pallet, either inside or outside if space is limited.

What’s your best piece of advice for a business looking to improve their cardboard management?

As a solution for increasing and improving your cardboard management, I’d always recommend internal segregation as a simple and effective method. This involves separating your cardboard waste from your other dry mixed recyclables and general waste. By implementing this, you’ll be able to cut down on your waste costs and improve your cardboard management.

Baled cardboard ready for a cardboard collection
Cardboard boxes stacked up ready for a cardboard collection

How is the cardboard that we collect recycled?

The cardboard we collect can be recycled around six to seven times, making it one of the most recyclable materials used. Once it’s been collected and taken to a recycling facility, the cardboard will be ground down and mixed with water. This turns the material into the pulp slurry. More water is then added to slurry as well as any necessary additives to make sure that the cardboard has all the required properties, such as being fire retardant. After this, the slurry goes through a series of rollers which drain any water from the material and press the mixture into the paper and paperboard. This material is then turned back into cardboard to be reused again.

In your opinion, what’s the best option for a business’ cardboard waste?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the best option because it’s going to be different for every business. The best option is situational, dependant on the amount of cardboard waste you’re producing. With smaller volumes, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated wheelie bin on site that is emptied on a schedule that suits your needs. Another great solution is to have a cardboard cage. These can be up to 14 yards in size and can be exchanged ADHOC.

If you’re producing a large amount of cardboard waste, a baler is the best solution. Cardboard can be stored in 1100L internal bins and emptied into a baler on site. This compresses the material into bales, bounding the material together. Once you have a build-up of bales, we can arrange for a collection. Cardboard bales can have a rebate value, making it a profitable method of recycling your waste cardboard.

What should businesses do if they need their cardboard waste collecting?

If you’re wanting a cardboard collection, whether you have a little or a lot, simply give us a call or send us an email. We’ll look at the best solution for you and provide a cost-effective solution to help you recycle your waste cardboard.

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Is your business struggling to manage your waste cardboard? Our team of experts at Flame UK are on hand to help you create a sustainable waste management plan for your business. Contact our team today to find out more about our cardboard collection service.

We can improve your waste management and cut your costs.

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