Festival Litter Picking: Keeping your event clean

festival litter picking

Summer is officially on its way, meaning there’s probably a couple of events and festivals putting the last bits of planning in place. If you’re prepping for an event, you’ll want your attendees to have the best experience, but there’s one thing that can ruin the festival experience: litter. This is where our litter pickers come in.

Why is litter picking so important at festivals?

One of the most important reasons why your festival should invest in litter picking services is to maintain a clean and sustainable environment. With the large crowds that festivals see, it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a build-up of waste over time. Everything from single-use plastic cups to tents that have been left at events are all common sights after a festival is over. Each year, festivals generate over 25,000 tonnes of waste and all of this needs to be cleaned up by someone. Even with new efforts to reduce the amount of plastic at events, like Glastonbury’s ban on single-use plastic, there is likely going to be some litter left on your site.

Most festivals take place in picturesque locations surrounded by lots of natural beauty. If the leftover waste isn’t cleaned up, there’s a risk of pollution and damage to local ecosystems and the environment. Having litter pickers is the best way to ensure that there’s no damage to local wildlife and landscapes.

Festival litter in front of a tent
Festival litter in front of a festival stage

How does litter picking make the festival experience better?

Ensuring that every attendee at your festival has a good time is probably at the top of your priority list. It’s important that every guest enjoys their time at your festival to keep them coming back year after year. However, if there’s lots of litter on your site, it’s not going to leave the best impression. Having a team of experienced litter pickers on hand is a great way to keep your site clean. This let attendees focus on the music and events, not the litter.

Having litter pickers at your event is also an easy way to keep hygiene and safety levels high. If you’re serving food and drinks, people won’t want to be eating their lunch around piles of rubbish left on the floor. With litter pickers promptly cleaning up any rubbish, you can minimise any health and safety hazards. This creates a safer environment for everyone – letting your visitors enjoy their favourite food and drinks without any concerns about cleanliness.

How does litter picking impact your festival’s reputation?

The reputation of your festival is built on various facts. The line-up and location are probably the two biggest factors, but the cleanliness and commitment to sustainability is also high up on the list. Visitors are going to share their experiences online which will influence how others view your event. If you’re not properly handling your waste, it could tarnish your festival’s image.

Festival goers are also increasingly wanting these events to show a real commitment to sustainability. Therefore, more and more festivals are showing what they’re doing to make sure their festivals aren’t contributing to climate change. The Isle of Wight Festival has a new ‘Love Your Tent’ initiative to encourage people to take all their belongings back home with them. Over in the States, Burning Man have a ‘leave no trace’ policy. This ensures that you leave the environment in the same way you found it. With a team of litter pickers visible for festival goers, you can show that your festival is making an effort to avoid any damage to the environment, helping you to boost your festivals green credentials.

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