Your Guide to Hiring a Skip

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Whether you’ve just remodelled your kitchen or you’re running a construction site, hiring a skip might be the best solution for you to manage and dispose of the waste you’ve generated. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which skip works best for you. Here’s our handy guide to skips to help you figure out the best skip for your needs.

Why should you hire a skip?

Skips are a great way to manage large quantities of waste and we can provide you with the right size to fit your needs. Whether this be a small 4-yard skip or a larger Roll-on Roll-Off. Skips are also versatile and easy to customise depending on the site’s needs. For example, if your skip is full of waste that could be dangerous to others, you could choose a lockable skip.

They’re a great way to save your business time and money as it only needs emptying once its full, saving endless trips to your local waste site. They’re also more convenient as you don’t have to rely on the opening hours of your local tip or waste site. Using commercial skip hire also protects you from any fines surrounding fly tipping. Any waste you produce is your responsibility, so it’s important that you’re disposing of it correctly.

Which skip is best for you?

Skips come in all shapes and sizes to fit the requirements for your business. It’s important to hire the right sized skip to fit your needs. A skip too small and you will end up paying for multiple collections. A skip too large and you will be paying for space you’re not filling.

If you’re only producing a small amount of waste, a smaller four or six-yard skip might be the best option for you. These usually hold around 50-80 bin bags so are a great option if you are only producing smaller quantities of waste. This size is probably best for household renovations or smaller operations as they don’t take up a lot of space on site. However, our skips are delivered on large vehicles so there might still need to be a bit of access room.

We can also provide larger commercial skips for hire ranging from eight to 18 yards. These are best for your average construction site as they’re smaller than the larger options but can still handle greater quantities of waste. For example, the 16-yard skip has a capacity of 12.2 m3 and can hold around 210 bin bags.

If you’re producing more waste, a Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) commercial skip may be a better solution for you. These can be easily rolled on and off lorries, hence the name, to make your waste collections even simpler. A RORO can be sized from 20 yards, 35 yards, and 40 yards so are the best choice for a site producing large amounts of waste that a regular skip may not be able to handle.

Our team of experts can work with you to figure out which skip is the best option for you and your business’ needs.

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What can go in your skip?

Once you’ve decided on the right size skip to hire, you can start filling it with your waste. Garden and house clearance waste can all go in your skip along with furniture, glass, and cardboards. You can also put heavier construction waste materials in your skip. For example, bricks, roof tiles, and plaster.

Skips can handle most of your waste, but there are some items you can’t put in them. One thing you can’t put in your skip is your hazardous waste. Due to its potentially harmful properties, this kind of waste needs to be stored separately and securely to ensure your safety and to protect the environment around you. This means that items such as chemical waste, asbestos and solvents can’t go in your skip.

The same goes for electrical waste, such as household appliances, computers, or lighting. These items are covered by legislation and need a full WEEE collection to ensure that they are recycled correctly. There could also be confidential waste on some electrical devices, so it is important that this is stored separately to keep your data safe and secure, avoiding leaks or fines.

What happens after you have hired a skip?

We will work with you to figure out the best skip for you as well as the number of skips and collections you need, along with the location of your skip. Once you’ve decided which skip works best for you, give us a call and we can organise for the right skip to be delivered straight to you. We can deliver and collect within your business hours and in compliance with any rules and regulations on vehicle use for your site.

When your skip is full, we will collect it and take it to a waste processing site. Once it’s there, the waste will be sorted to separate anything that can be recycled and reused. We aim to send as little of your waste to landfill as possible, recycling as much as we can.

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