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a cardboard waste bin in front of a baler, a piece of waste management equipment

It’s essential for your business to manage the waste it produces properly and efficiently. Every business is different so choosing the most suitable tools for different materials and volumes is important to help you improve your waste management, reduce costs and improve your environmental impact.

Each of these pieces of waste management equipment can help you manage your waste more efficiently and cost effectively by helping to maximise your business’ storage space and ensuring that all waste is disposed of appropriately. By doing this, you also have the added benefits of reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the number of waste collections your business needs.

Here’s our handy guide to help you choose which waste management equipment is best for your business.


a bale of cardboard in front of a baler, a piece of waste management equipment.

Waste balers can be a useful tool to help your business recycle the different waste materials you generate, such as cardboard, paper, and plastic. They are available in a range of sizes too so you it’s easy for you to choose the best baler to fit your business’ needs. There’s a variety of different balers to choose from, such as vertical balers, semi automatic horizontal balers and stockroom balers. They’re also really easy to use, simply place your wate in the baler and press the power button. The machine will then compress your waste into easily manageable, small bales.

Using a baler is beneficial for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is due to the amount of space it can save you. One bale can contain as much waste cardboard as up to four standard 1100 litre bins, increasing the total volume of waste your business can store. The bales can also be easily stacked to maximise your storage space even more. The more waste you can store, the less collections you will need, saving you money and reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

View our handy baler demonstration video here or check out our blog to learn more.


a waste compactor alongside another piece of waste management equipment.

A waste compactor is a great way to compress and reduce the volume of waste by hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic force. These are best for businesses that produce large amounts of waste, but they come in a variety of sizes and can be easily customised to suit your business’ needs.

Compactors are a really simple piece of waste equipment to use. First, gather your waste in the container inside the compactor. Once the waste reaches a specific volume, the compactor is activated and the machine compresses your waste by removing any air or liquids left inside. After the waste has been compacted, the contents can then be easily transferred to be recycled.

Our SmartTrash technology helps you to optimise your waste management even more as your compactors will only be emptied once they have reached their maximum storage capacity. SmartTrash will let you know when your compactor is full and needs emptying to help optimise your waste capacity. It can even contact the waste collector to let them know that you’re ready for a collection. This means that you will always have your waste collections at the best time for your business, saving you money by avoiding any unnecessary collections.

Bin Press

Bin presses can be a useful way to stretch your waste capacity even further. Using a bin press helps to lower the amount of times your bins need to be emptied by compressing the waste you have into a smaller amount. By doing this, you could be increasing your businesses waste storage by around 90% and reducing the amount of times you need to empty your bins. This can, in turn, reduce your business’ carbon footprint by reducing the number of waste collections needed.

These machines are capable of handling various types of waste, such as mixed recycling, general waste and organic waste. They can also be a great option for smaller scale businesses as they take up very little room and can press standard 1100 litre bins with ease.

View our bin press demonstration video here.

Drum Press

Steel barrels are commonly used in many businesses to store or transport materials and products. However, they can be incredibly hard to dispose of and tricky to manage as they often take up a lot of space. If this is a problem your business is facing, a drum press might be the best solution for you.

A drum press compresses your barrels into a 5″ high pancake-shape. The compacted barrels can then be easily stacked on top of one another, with six compacted barrels taking up the space of one non-compacted barrel. Furthermore, the drum press is also able to gather any remaining fluids left in the container. Once the collection tank is filled, it can then be easily removed through an integral tap.

View our drum press demonstration video here.

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