What is a PRN? Packaging Waste Regulations

What is a PRN?

It’s getting around to that time of year again, looking back on the last calendar year, calculating your data, talking to your suppliers and delving deep into every product you buy, use and sell!!!! All this can mean only one thing.

Yes, that’s right it’s time to submit your Packaging Waste Regulations data.

And that means you will need to procure your PRN’s

PRN is an abbreviation for a Packaging Recovery Note. An essential part of a company’s compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

Although the Packaging Waste Regulations have been in place since 1996 the level of knowledge across many industries seems somewhat lacking.

PRN’s are issued through the recovery of packaging waste, either by approved export or domestic recovery.

PRN’s are available on the open market, but most are still managed and distributed to obligated companies through Packaging Waste Regulations Compliance Schemes.

Prices are negotiated with the producer of the PRN’s and the revenue from those PRN’s is used to improve the countries recycling infrastructure.

So, to answer quite simply a PRN is a Packaging Recovery Note. To answer more detailed a PRN is the evidence required by an obligated company that a calculated number of tonnes of a material specific product has been recycled.

Here at Flame UK, we have the experience to calculate your data, support your company with any Environment Agency inquiries, procure your PRN’s at the best possible rate and to create your compliance plan. Get in touch and see how we can help you meet your obligation cost-effectively and on budget.