Are you using the right sized bin?

Different sized bins with overflowing waste

The UK generates around 222.2 million tonnes of waste a year and roughly 20% of this is commercial and industrial waste. Therefore, there is a big demand for waste containers that suit specific needs. Multiple bins and containers have been created to help solve the issue of storing and moving waste in an efficient way, but is your bin right for you?

Why do you need the right sized bin?

If you’re holding an event or have a business, making sure you have the right size waste bins is imperative. Too large, and your bins could be collected before they are full – in which case you’re wasting money on scheduled collections or renting bins that are too large. Too small, and you could be paying for additional collections, unnecessary bins and overweight charges. Therefore, choosing the correct size and number of bins is essential to your efficiency.

Flame UK different sized bins

What bins are available for you to rent?

Wheelie bins

Wheelie bins can hold a variety of waste including general waste, glass, food, cardboard, and mixed recycling. They also vary in size, which means you can choose a wheelie bin that best suits your waste management needs. Bin sizes start at 240 litres, which hold around four bags of waste. This size bin is great if you don’t have much waste or limited space. You can also get medium-sized bins at 360 litres and 660 litres that hold between six and ten bags of waste. The biggest wheelie bins are 1100 litres, which hold a whopping nineteen bin bags of waste. These are great for big events or companies generating large quantities of waste.

If you are unsure about which size wheelie bin best suits your needs take a look at our handy bin size guide.

Front-end Loaders and RoRo skips

If a wheelie bin is not big enough to meet your needs and you require a large container, we can also provide Front-end Loaders or RoRo skips. These containers hold large amounts of waste and have lockable lids to keep the waste dry, which makes them especially useful for recyclable materials. Similar to wheelie bins, the skips range in size and can hold 68 to 138 bags of waste.

If you believe that this may be the best option for you, take a look at our skip hire guide.

What happens to your waste?

Once you have chosen the correct bins and filled them with waste, we will arrange for them to be collected and taken to a waste transfer site. These sites organise the rubbish into categories so that the waste can be separated.

We believe that as little waste as possible should go to landfill so will try to recycle as much of your waste as we can. For example, garden and food waste can be sent to composting stations which can then be used by farmers or sold as bagged compost. Some of your waste might also go to Waste to Energy plants to produce energy and electricity in your local area.

Other materials such as plastics, metals, glass, and paper will be organised and turned back into raw materials. These raw materials are then used to create everyday products such as plastic bottles or newspapers and may even be reused by you.

Multiple small bins with overflowing waste

Which bin is best for you?

If you are hosting an event, 240 litre wheelie bins may be the best option for you. This is due to the fact that they are small enough to be placed around the event and hold both general waste and recyclable materials. Alternatively, if you are a big business, it may be more beneficial to get a bigger wheelie bin as these can hold more waste and allow for fewer collections. Often companies and events require a range of different-sized bins which will be affected by factors such as your requirements, location, the number of people they will serve, and access for collections.

Flame UK can help you choose the correct size bin or suggest other more appropriate waste containers – we have a range of waste equipment to hire and can work out which is best to help save you time, stress and money. 

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