Happy Pancake Day

So it’s Pancake day! Well, actually Shrivens Day, when Christians are ‘shriven’ before the start of lent.

Before we share with you some of our favourite Pancake styles and toppings.

In the Flame UK office, the majority of our team went for ‘traditional’ that being lemon, sugar and golden syrup. Chocolate spread was a second favourite with fruit like strawberry’s and blueberries also popular with the team.

Some slightly, not so usual, like savoury flavours from Leek and Chili, Spinach and Mushrooms and even Ham and Cheese.

With two of our team gluten-free, we found some great gluten-free pancake recipes on the BBC’s website.

Whatever way you like your pancakes we hope you have a great day, try something new and share your best recipes with us, we are always happy to try new ideas, especially when it comes to pancakes.