Ever Thought about Baling your Recycling?

If you have ever thought about Baling your recyclable waste but never took the ‘plunge’ then now could be the time to make that change.

With general waste costs rising constantly, landfill tax increasing year on year and impending ‘green taxes’ looming the rise in the value of recyclable materials could just be the nudge you needed.

Cardboard prices have fluctuated greatly over the past 12 months with China and the other Asia markets declining to take the UK’s waste having a big impact on the values. But with more and more demand for recyclable products, the market is in need of good quality recyclable materials, which, maybe you can help with.

Cardboard and Plastics can be baled in a range of balers to fit every application and every budget, starting from a few pounds a week we can quickly and efficiently turn your waste into cash.

The impending Plastic Tax will see buyers of plastic packaging having to make use of minimum recycled content products, which will create in turn a bigger need for more material, so too will the revamping of the Packaging Waste Regulations where a greater target for recycling will also place more pressure on demand.

Even if you just want to see how a baler could positively assist your business’s bottom line were here to help. Our range of waste balers and equipment is vast, from smaller balers for small volumes and office space to large commercial balers capable of handling tonnes of waste per hour, we have it all.

Call us and see how we can help.