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Tips and Tricks to recycling – small steps to saving our planet.



You see the news reports, you read about it online, you see the effects we have on our planet.

Now, how can we help save it? Well, in this blog we’re going to give you a few of our favourite tips and tricks to recycling.



Paper Stack

Paper Stack – image credit to




One straightforward method is to reduce the amount of paper which you use. You can make use of both sides of the paper, most printers now days will come with the option to print on both sides, halving the amount of paper which you use. Imagine how much paper would be saved if everyone started doing this!


Different fruit juices

Fruit juices – image credit to

How about trying to make your fruit juices and smoothies instead of buying cartons and bottles? We think this is a great idea. You could even go the extra mile and purchase the fruit from your local market, which will really reduce the amount of plastic you’re using.




Different colour lunch boxes

Tin lunch boxes – image credit to




Another one is to switch to a “litter-less lunch.” Now I know what you’re thinking, how is that possible? Small things such as not using plastic or paper bags to take your lunch into work. Instead, invest in a plastic or tin lunch box. You can also buy a refillable water bottle instead of buying lots of bottled water.



Reusable coffee cup

Reusable coffee cup – image credit to


This brings us onto another tip, instead of buying lots of coffee cups from places like Costa or Starbucks, buy one of their reusable cups. Did you know you can also upcycle your coffee cups into other useful items, such as a makeup brush or pen holder. Just clean and redecorate the cup! For more cool upcycling ideas, check out our blog: How to upcycle. You can also give up plastic bottled water by buying a reusable water bottle!



Did you know you can recycle water too? Well, you do now! For example, if you have boiled some pasta in a pot, use it to water your plants instead of just throwing it away. Wait until it has cooled down first though of course!

Check out this cool upcycled old table, turned into a plant bed:

Upcycled plant bed

Upcycled plant bed – image credit to



Say no to plastic bags at the supermarket and invest in reusable shopping bags. They’re relatively easy to get a hold of and in addition to saving the environment, can save you money even if it is just 5p per plastic bag.

Different colour reusable shopping bags

Shopping bags – image credit to









Do you have any examples of some recycling you’ve done yourself? Make sure you post it on your social media and tag us, our accounts are below. We’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

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Our pallet collection service

Here at Flame UK, we offer a comprehensive pallet collection service. Whether you focus on pallets or have pallet waste from a wood recycling service, we’ll recycle them to a resource.

We make sure we focus on your needs, usage, and type of pallets.

All pallets we collect are sorted and graded to ensure you get the best possible commercial package available.  We can also include broken pallets with the load we collect, which helps you to reduce your cost even further.

We can organise our vehicle capacity to suit your needs, the volumes you generate, and your access capabilities.  Did you know that by collecting pallets from your site it can bring revenue into the business and reduce fire risk on your site? To find out more about the waste management services we offer, click on this link.

But, what do we do with the pallets we collect?

All pallets we collect will go through quality inspections, and we’ll carry out any repairs before they go into the market again.  Alongside our collection service, we can also supply you with usable recycled pallets. Many sizes and load capacity are available.  Part of our aim is to reduce vendors and help our customer become more efficient by completing your circular supply to you.

Contact us today to discuss the type of pallets you need and the waste pallets you generate. We may surprise you by what we have to offer.

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Upcycling and Recycling

Upcycling, its easier than you think!

Upcycling, it’s easier than you think!

While our colleagues have been out and about, we have come across some great upcycling ideas, which got us thinking…how easy is upcycling? Well, after a bit of research, it is actually a lot easier than you think. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Tin cans can be used as pen holders. Something which is so simple and can be used both at home and at the workplace. Keep your desk organised, and stylish too by designing them how you like! Simply take off the packaging (or don’t) and personalise using some acrylic paint. It’s as simple as that. Here’s one idea which we loved:

How to Upcycle Tins ( Credit to )

Upcycled tins

Our Upcycled Tins ( Credit to )

We also love the idea of upcycling old cable drums into planters. Check out this example Dan came across. Super cute and it’s putting some good back into the environment.

Upcycled wooden cable drum planter

Wooden Cable Drum Planter

Another super easy everyday object which is great to upcycle is the plastic bottle. We love this idea which we came across where a plastic bottle was turned into a sprinkler, so easy.

Upcycled / recycled plastic bottle sprinkler

Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Click Here to see our Blog on Plastic Tax and how your business will be affected

Why not get the kids involved. Bubble blowers are a great idea, simply cut some shapes into the bottom of the bottle and dip it into soapy water, and then blow into the top to make some bubbles. Who doesn’t love bubbles.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank, Recycled Plastic Bottle ( Credit to )

You can also make bottle piggy banks by laying the bottle on its side and cutting a slit into the top. You can use the top where the lid screws on as the nose and use other bottle lids as the feet, so it doesn’t roll around. Add some paint and googly eyes, and you’re done.

Another great idea we loved is the bird feeder. All you need is a plastic bottle, bird food, and a wooden spoon, or two.

Upcycled plastic Bottle Upcycled into Bird Feeder

Plastic Bottle Upcycled into Bird Feeder

You just cut two holes for the wooden spoon to go through the bottle, making the one where the largest part of the spoon is slightly bigger than the other, so that the food can come out, and birds have somewhere to sit, and then that’s it!

Check out these awesome upcycling ideas our very own Helen has created at home. Keep an eye on our social media for some more of the creative projects Helen is working on.

Upcycled Planters

Upcycled Planters

Upcycled Wooden Cabinet

Upcycled Wooden Cabinet

Have you done any upcycling? Make sure you tag us on social media, we’d love to see your ideas, and we’ll make sure we give you a like and repost!

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Free Battery Recycling


July 2019 saw us launch our free battery recycling service. Our Office in Colwick now accepts all your used office batteries for safe disposal, and it’s free of charge!

All you need to do is call us on 0115 8965460 or email us on, you can even visit our website and live chat with us to let us know when you will be arriving.

We can accept a wide range of battery’s including, A, AA, AAA, HP2, HP11, PP3, CR123, CR2, CR5, Button Cell Batteries, Coin and Watch style Batteries.

Bring in your batteries and we will recycle them for you for free, we do have restrictions and terms and conditions so get in touch and let us help you recycle your batteries.

If you have any other battery recycling needs just ask and we can arrange collections too.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Recycler of the Year winner announced.

Flame UK and Grantham based Sports Charity, inspire+  announced the winner of their Christmas Card Recycling competition on Friday. Back in December, the two companies came up with an idea to encourage local schools to recycle their Christmas cards. Over 40 schools got involved and the school that collected the heaviest weight of cards would be crowned winner.

Flame UK collected all the recyclable cards and weighed them in to determine which school would win the coveted Christmas Recycler of the Year TrophyAfter a very close run competition, the overall winner for 2018 was Uffington Church of England School in Stamford who collected 80.5kg of cards.

Pam Knight, Managing Director of Flame UK said “We were thrilled to see how many schools got involved with the competition. It was an idea that inspire+ helped us come up with and the kids really got behind it. This is definitely something we want to continue every year from now on! Congratulations to Uffington School for collecting such a large amount of cards for recycling.”

Vincent Brittain, founder of inspire+ added “When Flame UK asked us to get involved with the Christmas Card Recycling competition, of course we agreed. It’s been a great way of getting schools to learn about recycling whilst also encouraging them to work together as a team which is a key part of the programmes we offer to schools.”

Flame UK and inspire+ will be running the Christmas Card Recycling project next year so if your school is interested in getting involved, watch this space for more information.


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Ever Thought about Baling your Recycling?

If you have ever thought about Baling your recyclable waste but never took the ‘plunge’ then now could be the time to make that change.

With general waste costs rising constantly, landfill tax increasing year on year and impending ‘green taxes’ looming the rise in the value of recyclable materials could just be the nudge you needed.

Cardboard prices have fluctuated greatly over the past 12 months with China and the other Asia markets declining to take the UK’s waste having a big impact on the values. But with more and more demand for recyclable products, the market is in need of good quality recyclable materials, which, maybe you can help with.

Cardboard and Plastics can be baled in a range of balers to fit every application and every budget, starting from a few pounds a week we can quickly and efficiently turn your waste into cash.

The impending Plastic Tax will see buyers of plastic packaging having to make use of minimum recycled content products, which will create in turn a bigger need for more material, so too will the revamping of the Packaging Waste Regulations where a greater target for recycling will also place more pressure on demand.

Even if you just want to see how a baler could positively assist your business’s bottom line were here to help. Our range of waste balers and equipment is vast, from smaller balers for small volumes and office space to large commercial balers capable of handling tonnes of waste per hour, we have it all.

Call us and see how we can help.