The Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), How will it affect your business?

We have all heard so much about ocean plastics and the environmental impact of single-use plastics recently, one of the plans that the government is proposing is the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme or DRS. The consultation paper released recently is outlining some of the ideas suggested to address the volume of drinks containers discarded by the public.

The plan is to place a levy on each container, the consumer would pay the levy when purchasing the item, that levy or deposit would be returned when the container is returned or recycled.

Little is known about the detail of the scheme, how deposits will be paid back or where recycling points will be sited. What we do know is that the DRS is a very likely option for the government to put in place, we don’t know exactly when but as soon as we get any more detail, we will be publishing out notes and thoughts and of course any help we can give we are always on hand.

What we can say with assurance is, watch this space for regular updates, we will constantly be assessing the Government’s proposal and will regularly post with updates and news. Keep coming back for the latest news.